Mark Skeldon

Technology Consultant IT Manager

After completing my Masters in Network Systems I joined Waterstons in 2007 as a Managed Services Consultant. I've been fortunate to move through several roles within the business, from first line support, through to onsite IT management across diverse market sectors ranging from the food and petrochemicals industries through to the anti-counterfeiting sector. Experience in this wide range of fields has been beneficial to not just me, but also to our customers, allowing me to transfer knowledge and practices better to suit each client. This has led me to my current position as Waterstons IT Manger, enabling me to work with new systems and technologies which we can then provide to our clients.

What I'm good at

I fix things. I enjoy getting my teeth into interesting problems, especially relating to hardware. I can deliver solutions and provide answers to problems at many levels, and delivering several large projects recently has raised awareness of various new technologies available. This has allowed me work with our clients to deliver the best tailored solution for their needs.

My Passions

I’m passionate about anything with wires. I love working with hardware, and designing new systems, whether it’s building home-brew servers or modifying hardware to suit my needs. I am also a passionate engineer, working mainly with boats and cars. My love for building things from scratch has slowly escalated over the years, and my most recent creation was an offshore power boat (which, as a techie, I’m obviously retrofitting with all the latest gadgets). One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’m also a fully qualified pilot, with a love for aircraft and aviation. I have yet to be issued with a Waterstons company plane.


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