Marni Mather

Senior Marketing Officer

I remember as a teenager pondering over adverts in magazines and on the TV; breaking down the reasons why the advertisers chose certain words, colours, images and people. I'd worked out that media and communication were where my interests lay and so pursued subjects in media studies, languages and art until my education came to fruition in 2014 with a BA (Hons) degree in Advertising Management at Northumbria University.

I've always felt at home in a somewhat creative environment so working as an account manager in a design agency, before during and after university was an excellent start to the world of work. This allowed me to work alongside some very talented graphic and web designers and on some great accounts. I worked with a lot of marketing professionals and so when the chance arose in October 2014 to move to a client side marketing role at Waterstons, I was really excited for the change in direction.

Our marketing team is quite small so I get involved in a very wide variety of marketing responsibilities – an excellent way to get really stuck into all aspects of marketing. I dedicate quite a bit of my time maintaining and growing our online presence through social networks and keeping our brilliant website up to date with our latest thinking. Online marketing is definitely something I enjoy. We also run quite a lot of events, whether that be a one-off knowledge sharing session or a network, and so I enjoy organising and managing those too. Along the way, I'm picking up (admittedly basic) IT knowledge which is a lot more interesting than I ever thought it would be!

Outside of work you might find me trying to keep fit at the gym, then moaning about my latest injury. Or on a weekend, with friends in a city centre bar supping beverages and pulling off some pretty good dance moves (the last part is probably subjective).


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