Martin Mcbride

Technology Consultant

I started my IT career in a small company of 3 people working as a field technician which sparked my interest in IT. Since then I have been working closely with companies to ensure a smooth experience from onsite equipment to the cloud environment using Microsoft 365 and Azure.

I enjoy my job because I enjoy the interaction with people and ensuring they experience a seamless resolution that will instill confidence. People may seek me out to review their 365 environments but also as I have noticed working for Waterstons I seem to be the resident MAC guy, which I love.

Working for Waterstons, I really enjoy the team aspect. I never feel alone with a difficult ticket, there is always someone to help or even just have a chat with. I enjoy the range of work, it's never the same day at Waterstons which is excellent.

The things that make me tick are the difficult scenarios. I enjoy researching a problem and getting to a final resolution. I find it extremely satisfying.

Outside of work

I'm interested in gaming and have been from a very young age. I built my first gaming pc when I was 14. I have played games professionally when I was younger so I have carried it through the rest of my life. I like to game with friends in the evening and love to show the kids of today we can still hold up!


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