Matthew Lamb

Executive Software Consultant

I joined Waterstons in 2006 after graduating from Bristol University, having had a taste during my Year in Industry placement. I started as an all-purpose software developer who dabbled in Microsoft’s Business Intelligence stack on the side.

Discovering SharePoint

When SharePoint came along in 2007, it proved immensely popular with our clients who were initially looking for an “intranet in a box” and gradually adopted the document management features. I spent a lot of time doing requirements gathering, SharePoint farm installations, configuration, branding, and custom extensions – including entire bespoke line-of-business systems built within the SharePoint environment.

As the product matured, and new features were added, our team tried them out, got to know them in detail, and were then able to relate them to our clients’ businesses. We explored how to talk to clients about the tools and how they might help them solve problems with communication and collaboration, whilst ensuring that we weren’t promoting ‘technology for technology’s sake’.

Getting Cloudy

Then Office 365 matured and along with SharePoint Online we suddenly had a whole raft of new productivity tools and a new application called Teams which lets distributed workforces communicate through group chat, video conferencing and screen-sharing. Getting hands-on with all the tools so we know them inside out, and keeping abreast of upcoming changes and new features, is a job in itself.

I now look after a team of people who provide advice on collaboration strategy, including all the change management activities associated with adopting new ways of working, and help organisations to implement SharePoint, Office 365, and other collaborative technologies. This involves a lot of workshops, governance strategy discussions, design and configuration, and formal and informal training.

Our team is geographically split between Durham, Glasgow and Manchester, where I work remotely. This means that we are using collaborative tools as part of our daily work, and we’re well placed to keep on top of the latest developments.

Working for Waterstons

The best thing about working for Waterstons is the sheer variety; technology, people, client sectors. A “can-do” attitude goes a long way, and I’ve never turned down any opportunities that have come my way. This has given me a wide range of experience that I can draw upon during client engagements.

Outside work, I love to travel, explore my local area (I find myself enjoying decaying industrial architecture, for some reason), read on a variety of topics (including some fiction), and undertake occasional fitness drives (running, swimming and cycling).


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