Michael Dawson

Senior Technology Consultant

Being a child of the seventies I’ve been fortunate to have witnessed the birth of the PC, the home computing revolution and the explosion of the internet. When I consider how much technology has changed things in my lifetime it’s simply mind boggling.

So computers existed before the seventies, but back then they were warehouse-sized behemoths, with very limited capability. Atari and Sinclair and later Commodore and BBC changed all that and brought computing to the masses and I was all too willing to jump in. Since that first simple “Hello World” program I was captivated by the potential of these devices and of course the games that they enabled.

Since these early days it was clear that computing was going to form a core part of my future career. Starting in local government on IBM Midrange equipment as an operator and progressing through the ranks. I’ve worked in retail, business services but predominantly manufacturing. The first IBM computer I worked on was 2 isles deep, 10 cabinets in total and had a total disk capacity of 17 gigabytes! This colossal amount is now surpassed by the entry level iPhone, so you could say that things have moved on a little. So far in my career I’ve worked with some great organisations and met some wonderful people.

From operations I moved into technical support, desktops then later servers. From technical origins my focus has more recently been in the area of projects and management however I do enjoy hands-on work and look forward to opportunities when I can roll my sleeves up and get involved. I like elegant solutions: those that meet the need and deliver the outcome with minimal fuss. I’ve been around long enough to understand that real business benefit is not delivered solely by the latest tech but the careful consideration of people and process within the entire solution.

When I’m not walking my dog or driving my teenage kids around you’ll find me watching movies, reading, enjoying great food and still playing the occasional game.

Technology continues to advance and the pace shows no signs of slowing, in fact it’s accelerating. Successful businesses must keep up or face extinction. The mobile & social boom that smartphones and the web have brought in recent years is changing business. With AI just around the corner who knows what we’ll be doing in the next ten years. Personally I can’t wait to see what business advantage these and other emerging new technologies will bring and I’m glad to be part of an organization that I know will be at the forefront of delivering them: but only when they add value!


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