Michael Johnson

Senior Technology Consultant

I’m not the guy who has always been interested in technology. I left college at 17 to join the army, and happened upon a recruiting sergeant who apparently had a quota to fill. “You’re too clever to be in the infantry” I was told. “Do you like computers? You could be a Communication Systems Engineer.” Sure, I liked computers. Who didn’t like playing Grand Theft Auto on the PS2. I accepted.

It was in the Royal School of Signals that I learned a lot about technology and how communications work. After becoming a class 3 engineer, I spent several years working on communications equipment, which included satellite communications, radio, direct line of sight, and a sprinkling of network infrastructure. This was primarily based in the UK, but I was twice deployed to Afghanistan, which included an interesting biometrics project.

It was the network infrastructure side of the job that I was really interested in though. We now have devices that fit in our pockets from which we can instantaneously access any information that has ever been recorded. We can send live video to the other end of the world at the click of a button. Imagine explaining this to someone 100 years ago. It would blow their mind. And how would this access to information be possible without the huge network of routers that us humans have created?

After some years in the army, I had developed a passion for learning, and technology. My role wasn’t heavily focussed on the networking side of things, so after some deliberation, the decision was made, and I booked myself on a Computer and Network Technology degree at Northumbria University! (I say that like I was booking a holiday, but it was much more complicated, including getting A-level equivalences by doing an ‘Access to Midwifery’ course. [My ‘Access to Computing’ course got cancelled at the 11th hour.])

After an enjoyable three years at Northumbria, I joined Waterstons in 2016. I am currently working on the service desk, and I must say it is a pleasure working with all the highly intelligent and thoroughly decent people that Waterstons have seen fit to employ. If you hadn’t guessed already, my long-term aspirations are to specialise in computer networks, with a particular focus on the Cisco technologies.

At home

The geekiest thing I’m into in my spare time is probably making mobile applications. I started this when I took a huge leap into the dark by designing and implementing a weight loss application for my final year project. I enjoy solving problems through coding but I wouldn’t consider myself to be a technically great programmer, and I’d never show the boffins in bespoke any of my code. I can imagine It’d probably be described as an abomination to the coding gods. My non-geeky interests include football (partaking and spectating), cross country (partaking), MMA (spectating), and live comedy (spectating).


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