Neil Miller

Senior Collaboration Consultant

I always had an interest in computers from a very young age. My first computer was an Amstrad CPC green screen and it came with a bunch of games on cassette tape and a manual on programming. Needless to say many hours were lost on rainy days playing various games and trying out programming, which was mostly printing out shapes on the screen and basic arithmetic. I retained that interest growing up and when the time came to making a career choice it was a simple one, I wasn’t good enough to play professional football so working with computers seemed like a good fit.

I’ve worked various jobs in IT ranging from the early days doing call centre work supporting dial-up internet, cable internet leading into supporting desktop & server hardware. Next step was working as part of a service desk team for a global company fixing anything and everything remotely IT related. After a few years of service desk I then moved on to being a systems administrator doing much more project based work and helping manage the service desk team. I then had an opportunity to make a massive change and start doing software development as part of a massive internal collaboration system implantation and it has been the best career choice I ever made. It was a fantastic experience building something from ground up and seeing the platform grow and develop continuously year on year working with a fantastic team and with real enthusiasm from the business. After a few years of doing that I was offered the chance to get involved in a collaboration project implementation heavily focused on automation, that again was a great experience and again I was fortunate to work in a great team with great people supporting me along the way.

In my own time when not holidaying in Florida I love spending time with my family, watching & playing football, golf, running and watching movies & TV.


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