Phil Smith

Technology Consultant

I've always been a bit of a nerd, it just took me a little time to find out what kind of nerd I wanted to be! I graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, focusing on human anatomy and physiology, not exactly the natural precursor to a technology career. I decided that life in a lab wasn't for me and I wanted to work with people and business to apply my natural affinity for problem solving, though that doesn’t stop me spending time listening to lectures and reading up on Physiology when I have free time!

Over the time I’ve spent at Waterstons, I’ve been involved with a number of clients with a variety of roles, from on boarding, to project work and service delivery. All the work I do is on-site with clients, actively engaging with them to help IT fix problems and improve the way they work. This is ideal for me, as I enjoy working with people and engaging with new and interesting clients. While the work can be challenging, that what makes it fulfilling, the harder it gets the more the challenge excites me.

Currently, I work with a bulk liquid petrochemical storage company, the largest in the UK, as a technical on-site resource. This allows me to get stuck into project work of all kinds across almost every domain of IT, which gives me the opportunity to develop my skills across all areas and keeps each day different to the last.

Outside of work… I've always been physically active, so I'll often spend most Saturdays rock climbing indoors and perhaps even outside in some sunny location around the world, I've been involved with rugby and martial arts in the past as well. As work and mental challenges excite me, physical challenges do too, there’s always another goal to train for! I often find myself out and about exploring areas of London and trying to get out of the city when I can to see some of the countryside (still a country boy at heart)

Aside from the outdoors, I have a big passion for food. I’ve grown my own herb garden for use in food that’s as close to authentic as I can make it. This ties in with the travelling I do, trying to experience new places as the locals do, trying their foods, their way and bringing that home with me.


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