Richard Begg

Software Engineering Lead

I joined Waterstons at the beginning of 2013 as a lead specialist in the area of ‘Integration and Software Architecture’. Prior to joining I had over fifteen years’ experience of working in the software development industry for various companies including Hewlett Packard and Serco. For the previous six years I had been working as a Technical Architect, specialising in enterprise software architecture and integration, working on several projects in the public sector including government e-Portals and large-scale traffic management systems for several countries around the world.

A passion for technology

I’ve been passionate about technology since a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay of hardware and software, how I could connect different components together and then write software that made them do ‘cool’ things. This passion has manifested itself in my professional life through my interest in integration; connecting applications together to provide business benefit beyond anything achievable individually. Of course this aligns perfectly with my other interest, which is software architecture. Using the right architecture is essential to ensure the real business benefit of an application is realised. Almost every solution we provide for our clients requires some element of both integration and software architecture.

A client focus

One of my favourite aspects of working at Waterstons is how I get to work with such diverse clients across many different sectors. Each having their own unique needs and quirks, meaning each day has the promise of something new and different. Being able to work with our clients to define and develop solutions that address their ever-changing business needs is something that I love doing.

Outside of work

My wife Nicola and I are both crazy dog lovers. We currently have two: Teka a yellow Labrador bitch and Buna a chocolate Labrador dog. If our house was big enough I know we’d happily have many more, which is funny because prior to marrying my wife I was tremendously nervous of dogs.

I enjoy music of all genres and tempos, both listening to and making it. I play a number of musical instruments, some better than others. One of my fondest childhood memories is when my parents bought me my first Yamaha electronic keyboard (a PSS-260). On the way out of the shop we bumped into my childhood hero the magician Paul Daniels and his wife Debbie McGee (this was in the 80s when they were insanely popular). He asked me if I wanted his autograph and told me to say “Yes, Paul”. I did and he autographed the cardboard packaging for the keyboard and I still have it to this day.


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