Robert Pearce

Data and Analytics Consultant

About me

Originally from a small village in North Nottinghamshire, I grew up with fields, woods and (surprisingly) the internet. My interest in technology was born from necessity, with only a few kids in my local area, technology helped me to connect and learn with people all over the world.

From Newark I started my journey up north; studying Physics at the University of Leeds for 3 years. This is where my knowledge and skills around technology and computers really developed and by third year, I found myself knee deep in a python-based dissertation project involving a NASA satellite and mountains of night-light data. Independently, I stumbled through plugins and geographical computing software, and I even ended up on the Slack page of the Scandinavian dev team for a plugin I was trying to use, chatting with leads on the project! This experience fanned the flames of my passion for technology and the problems it can solve.

Since joining Waterstons I have been involved in a wide number of projects, from Data Science work for Major Universities, to Factory site visits as well as delivering Microsoft Teams training along the way. Getting involved in a variety of work keeps my mind open and ready for the next challenge!

Outside of Work

I am the kind of person who can be interested in almost anything, so I have all sorts of hobbies which I pursue to varying degrees of success. Most weekends I’ll be going for a run, trying to de-stress with some yoga or playing hockey in Newcastle. After growing up with family holidays in the Lake District, I love being active outdoors and enjoy mountain biking (although I may be a little rusty recently) and being with friends.

Although my background is in things mathematical and material, I am also a keen artist and love to create art through any medium; last year, I was part of a weekly life drawing society.


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