Ryan O'Kell

Senior Cyber Security Engineer

My role at Waterstons...

Is all about your security! Within Waterstons, I help drive and support our Australian SOC (Security Operations Center) and help deliver the Australian half of the 24-hour response and remediation of security events. Just like the rest of our SOC, we aren't just "eyes on glass", I also assist with training, consultation, remediation, investigation and security implementation. There isn't much we can't do!

My life away from work...

Is spent around the homes of friends and family. I'm the type of person who loves spending time with others, be it hosting a BBQ, catching up over a coffee or a beer or simply going for a drive to nowhere. I love people and I love creating memories.

I'll be with you when...

You need your security problems, discovered, investigated, remediated or simply reviewed. As a part of the Australian team, I'll likely be helping to keep a keen eye on your infrastructure after hours. If you are somewhere between New Zealand and Madagascar however, the team and I will have your back on BAU events.

My proudest Waterstons moment...

Probably the recent 0-day Exchange vulnerabilities. With the backing of our UK team, our team was alerted and immediately mitigated and remediated any risk within hours of the advice being provided from Microsoft. When it came to handover time we cleanly handed over to the UK team who finished the job while we went home, had dinner and slept. I believe that globally, our organizational response was not only one of the fastest but one of the most stress-free for both us and our clients.


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