Sally Edgar

Head of Information Services

I fell into the whole Customer Centric Transformation methodologies by luck and have been hooked ever since. I have even seriously considered doing a Professional Doctorate around the concept. I think I’m very lucky, I am truly passionate about the customer - which is why Waterstons is the perfect company for me, I felt completely at home immediately. I’m also a pretty effective digital consultant – in fact you can’t be a good digital consultant without being customer centric, the two go hand in hand. Before joining Waterstons, I spent six years running my own consultancy company - and my clients have included both private and public sector organisations. I’ve worked with some fascinating and forward thinking organisations, and with others who have needed some help regaining their focus.

Public sector outcomes reporting is a fascination of mine particularly, how do you know that your customer took the advice and made the recommended changes? Getting into the heads of customers is my speciality, I have 25 years of offline and online experience in analysing and understanding customer behaviour in transactional customer facing situations. Translating this experience into digital and transformation consultancy was a natural progression for me, with a focus of helping my clients to achieve measurable efficiency savings and increased effectiveness through outcomes.

My ethos is simple, in order for any IT system to be “Useful, Usable and Used” it needs to be focused around the users of the service who are often impatient with unrealistic expectations. I try to refocus any organisation on its vision, values and purpose and help them to study and understand their relationship with their customers to help them achieve that purpose.

Outside of work I have a small antiques shop and I’m also a qualified Canine Psychologist. Yes I know that’s a bit of a weird combo…. let’s just say I like to keep my brain busy and I love learning so delving into subjects which fascinate me seems like an interesting use of my time. Having said that I was also in the global top ten rankings for Guitar Hero for iPhone. I proclaimed my success one night while looking at the game stats and my husband said “Wow. That’s quite a waste of time” He was only jealous.


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