Samantha Davies

Senior Data and Analytics Consultant

I joined Waterstons in April 2020 when essentially the whole world was in lock down due to COVID-19. Not the most conventual start to a new job but I instantly felt at home and part of what is an amazing team and a truly special place to work.

When first leaving sixth form and unsure what I wanted to do with my future like most young people I fell into a retail job. Although I wasn’t keen on some aspects of my role, I did love interacting with lots of people on a daily basis. After some time and deciding that I needed to start my future career I started working at a high street bank. This fulfilled my love of interacting with people but I soon found the banking world was not for me. At a loss of what to do, my mother gave me the answer I'd been looking for.

For years I had watched her work and knew she worked with data and business intelligence but had no idea what that meant or why it was important. I started working in the healthcare sector as part of a data management team learning the basics of data extraction, transformation and modelling. I soon realised the power of taking complex data and turning into constructive useful information that could help to make better more informed decisions around peoples healthcare. The only downside was I missed the social interactions I had when working in retail.

Working at Waterstons gives me the best of all worlds. I get to interact with different clients and teams, while working in a job that I love and am truly passionate about.


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