Stephanie Wintersgill

Marketing Assistant

I always enjoyed business at school, from studying it at GCSE and A-Level to being part of a small enterprise group selling milkshakes to our friends. This led me to continue that trend by choosing to study Business Management at Northumbria University.

While I learnt all the theory behind business, I found I was lacking practical experience so knew that undertaking a work placement year between the 2nd and 3rd year of my degree would be vital to put my skills to the real test. When I applied to be a marketing assistant as a placement student at Waterstons, it was like a perfect match – their values, work ethic and personality seemed to fit with mine – and so far, it has given me so many opportunities whilst challenging me to use what I’ve learnt throughout my degree, instead of just be able to recall it!

Before I came to Waterstons however, I spent my summer working as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World in Florida – being a long-term (and slightly obsessive!) Disney fan, this was a dream come true and I loved creating happiness and making magical moments for guests from all over the world. Although I do think I annoy my co-workers slightly by always talking about it; I’m working on not starting every sentence with “When I was in Disney…”!

When I’m not planning my next Disney trip, I love to watch Netflix. My favourite TV show is Mad Men (as if being in marketing wasn’t enough!) and I would love to progress like Peggy Olson. I love to watch that after work, while knitting, which is my biggest hobby; I have made hats, blankets, jumpers and so much more and am always looking for the next big project!


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