Steve White

Senior Technology Consultant

“Steve, tell me about the olden days”

I can’t quite remember how long I have worked at Waterstons, but I can remember fixing that Millennium Bug thing, so it has definitely been a few years. And I don’t recall any planes falling out of the sky, so I reckon it went pretty well. Going back (a lot) further, following a degree in physics, I worked in construction with Balfour Beatty before moving into IT with an MSc from Northumbria.

I was there at the birth of the Waterstons’ Managed Services department (I’m sure we called it something else back then) and I also formed half of the fledgling service desk. I have witnessed huge changes since starting at Waterstons but one thing has never changed, and that is the passion that everyone has for the business and the commitment to be the best at what they do. As “Team Waterstons” I would find it hard to believe that our breadth of skills and experience could be bettered anywhere.

“Yeah Steve, but what do you actually do?”

Having worked in IT on desktops, servers and infrastructure for over 20 years, there’s not much I haven’t worked on. However, even with all the different technologies around today, I often think that people are the most complicated things we work with, and this has led to my passion for customer service and the “customer intimate” approach, which is also close to Waterstons’ heart.

Having spent a number of years full-time on clients’ sites, I have been able to get to know their businesses in a way that goes far beyond IT support. Getting involved in things like warehouse management and supply chain operations, and embracing technologies like EDI and barcode scanning, I have been able to see, up-close, how IT solutions impact the day to day running of a business. This has led me to gradually move away from the technical stuff and eventually find myself working in the Waterstons’ Transformation Consulting team (which I love).

I have been involved in a number of ERP projects, which include helping design a hybrid solution merging 2 businesses and 2 systems, and also leading an implementation and ending up the ERP super user. I have worked on many ERP system selection exercises and I have also worked on IT due diligence projects in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

“Surely you still have time for a bit of fun?”

Actually, work itself is often fun, but yeah, I’ve got plenty to keep me going when I’m off duty. Often it’s just a bottle of stout, a bit of dark chocolate and feet up in front of the TV (anything except reality stuff).

When I am feeling a bit more energetic I love cycling and also playing football, but worry my days there are numbered, so maybe it’s time to take up golf? I enjoy playing guitar and do the odd charity gig with other “musicians” from Waterstons. Oh and I love gadgets and tech stuff round the house.


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