Susan Bell

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Waterstons in January 2011 as the Head of Business Technology Consulting and within six months I was invited to join the Waterston's Board as the Operations Director. An offer I just couldn’t refuse.

Having left London and the Corporate world of Financial Services and specifically Investment Banking, I did wonder whether I would find a company with the talent, creativity and vision for innovative solutions – I then walked into Waterstons and the rest is history. The people are the most talented bunch I think I have ever had the pleasure to work with (and I have worked with some geniuses in my time). The appetite to learn and solve real business problems is palpable across our northern and southern offices.

What I'm good at

Whilst I may have started my career as a COBOL, CICS, DB2 programmer, it’s been a long time since I crafted a line of code! In fact, I know the last was Java on the mainframe – yes really!

Now I classify my specialisms as Business Strategy Alignment, Transformation and Programme management. I've had the privilege of leading many global and enterprise wide projects ranging from scalable and resilient Identity and Access Management solutions to the transition of services to offshore outsourcing companies. Pivotal to all engagements has been the establishment of strong governance, stakeholder management and an ethos of working in partnership. In my mind, effective and timely communication is absolutely key to success.

More recently my focus has been on gaining operational efficiencies and effectiveness within Waterstons with the core aim to enhance our customer service and ultimately improve our overall business performance.

I am a firm believer in practising what we preach thus, where appropriate, a core principle is to trial and validate our services and expertise on ourselves before rolling out to our customers, after all we won’t consult on anything we don’t believe will ultimately add business benefit.

My Passions

Aside from my passion for business, my guilty pleasure has to be fine wine, coffee, chocolate and the countryside, although all these pale into insignificance when it comes to the apple of my eye: my daughter and family. They keep me grounded.


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