Thomas McAfee

Technology Consultant

I joined Waterstons in November 2020, after spending a couple of years within multiple MSP's. This gave me a great background in a wide range of technologies. Pushing myself to learn everything possible. I enjoy the problem solving and investigation aspect of IT issues. I followed the apprenticeship route, from level 3 to level 4 then to official IT Support roles.

Working on the service desk gives me an amazing opportunity to do what I love, problem solving, meeting new people and experience new technologies. The thing that attracted me to Waterstons was their values and opportunities within the business.

Outside of work

I have a varied amount of things I enjoy doing outside of work. I love driving, you'll catch me driving for hours on end around the UK. Another thing I enjoy doing is Gaming, I can't get enough of Xbox & PC gaming! I also enjoy traveling so I aim to explore the world, country by country. Also, I'm massively into cars which explains the driving! I will eventually own an American Project car!


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