Tom Jarman

Senior Business Consultant

I am originally from the South East, and until the rise of Ali G the easiest point of reference was ‘near Heathrow’. But of course Staines is now much more widely known; it’s a proud Roman town, but let’s face it, it was Ali G not the Romans that led to name-recognition.

I left Staines to go to university. Liverpool seemed like a reasonable balance of distance from home and seeing more of the country so I went there, did a history degree and graduated slap bang in the early 1990’s recession. Realising the writing was on the wall for earnest pony-tailed history graduates I took my HGV licence. To cut a long story short, this led to various roles in my 20’s in the private and voluntary sectors and a move up to the North East after meeting my partner while teaching English as a Foreign Language in Russia.

I have spent 20 years in the public sector, specialising increasingly in the built environment. My experience includes new build and retrofit at owner/client-side, and I am experienced in (and passionate about) build quality, performance, outcomes, risk and digital construction. The theme that holds much of this together is client leadership. This isn’t so much about being in the upper quartile or top 10%, but is much more focussed on how owners and operators can develop an active and sophisticated position that will respond to the built environment challenges coming our way, allowing them to pull through value and outcomes from their investment, and mitigate risk.

I am a member of the Construction Leadership Council, the national Government/industry body that alongside other key national organisations aims to drive improvement in construction outcomes. I work in the Innovation in Buildings workstream, which is focussed on Smart Construction; digitised, industrialised, and based on whole life value, and in the Procuring for Value workstream, where we are developing the PFV Tool that will focus owners and operators on outcome over the long-term, and provide a viable alternative to lowest capital cost tendering.

Finally, I write and blog. I find this a useful way to think through ideas because they need to be vaguely coherent before they go out into the world in black and white. I also organise events on key industry themes to engage owners and operators because at the end of the day they create the environment in which change, better outcomes and innovation can land.


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