Vaughan Di Mascio

Senior Project Manager

I joined Waterstons in November 2018 and in my career as a project manager I’ve been lucky to work on very successful tech projects with some of the world’s most recognised brands. My favourite part of the work is collaborating with clients and colleagues to help get the most from our time together and enjoy the work. Successful projects depend on good communication, understanding what clients need and discovering with your team how best to deliver against requirements. Being transparent, responsive and sympathetic helps build good working relationships and I think it’s through high levels of engagement that we’re successful in our work. Plus, I work with great teams of technical genius-types so can’t go far wrong.

Working in software development drives you to stay on top of new tech and to look at what others are doing at the cutting edge. I particularly like that in my job almost everything I learn is useful to me and the projects I work on. The company values at Waterstons encourage this thinking about constant learning and development and bringing as much to the table as you can …there’s such a great variety of work here with many opportunities to apply your experience and to learn from colleagues and clients.

When I’m not at Waterstons I enjoy football, music, cinema, travelling and I work with UN Volunteers on various projects.


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