William Pearce

Software Consultant

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria by English parents, I moved first move to Scotland when I was 19 to study at the University of Dundee. Five years later I graduated with a master’s degree Physics while specialising in Renewable Energy science. Throughout my course I always enjoyed the problem solving that required awesome tech and coding so I thought a tech company doing loads of amazing projects would be a great place to start my career.

I started in the summer of 2019 as a graduate software consultant and have already worked a couple interesting projects helping clients optimise their business by working with them to develop bespoke software solutions that work for them.

I’ve always been passionate and interested in renewables and any kind of green tech, which is why I wanted to study physics in the first place. For my honours project I designed, built and programmed a device from scratch that optimised the power output of micro-renewables, such as a small wind turbine or a few solar panels, allowing it to efficiently charge batteries. In my spare time I love to continue experimenting and messing around with Arduino and Raspberry Pi with the ultimate, unreasonable goal of taking my flat off the grid.

Apart from techy stuff I love good food and drink with friends. Luckily, I’ve just moved to Glasgow which has what appears to be an infinite number of amazing restaurants to try and test.


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