2Acquiring and retaining customers

How do you know if your customers are happy?

Customers are essential to any business, even if you don’t necessarily call them customers. Universities have students, airports have passengers and hospitals have patients.

If you can anticipate their needs you’ll keep them for longer and, as everybody knows, retaining customers is much cheaper than finding new ones (although hopefully not in the case of hospitals).

Our consultants can help you to map your customer journey showing you how and where customers come into contact with your business. Customer Relationship Management will track your customers and prospects across this journey while customer-focused business process reengineering will ensure that you handle them quickly and efficiently leaving them happy and satisfied.

Improving the customer experience doesn’t just come down to sales and marketing; streamlining back office processes across the business can increase the speed with which orders are processed so customers are served quicker. In call centres and on the web better reporting and simpler access to information ensure that customers get what they need first time reducing demand on customer services staff.

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