4Improving teamwork and communication

Can collaboration drive innovation?

We firmly believe that collaboration is integral to innovation. Bringing people together from around your organisation spreads knowledge, facilitates the sharing and maturing of ideas and brings alternative perspectives into view.

Technology has given us a wealth of options when it comes to collaboration and knowing what to use (and what to avoid) can be a tough choice. Unified communications, audio and video conferencing and collaboration platforms give workers tools that can bring them back into the same room even if they’re on opposite sides of the globe but it is also important to make sure these technologies are adopted by the people using them to ensure their benefits are realised.

With collaborative editing, online project management and shared document stores it is now possible for people to work together effectively even if they’ve never actually met. Closer to home voice-over-IP technology that routes calls over your high speed internet can simplify your telephony, reduce costs and provide resilience in case the worst should happen.

Our Communication and Collaboration specialists are passionate about these technologies and are always finding new ways to use them to provide additional benefits for our clients. They’ve set up lecture broadcast and capture for universities, provided training platforms for remote workers and written solutions which integrate CRM and telephony systems to ultimately reduce costs and improve customer service.

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