5Reducing risk and increasing security

Are you prepared?

Do you really know where all your data is? Data security has never been more important and failing to keep your information safe has never been so expensive. Despite this our consultants repeatedly find that employees are leaving the office with unencrypted laptops, contractors are allowed to plug unsecured devices in willy-nilly and that business critical systems sit completely exposed to the internet.

Is your head office prepared for a power cut? A temporary power failure can bring a company to its knees, taking out email, telephones and often key business systems. We can help you to build a resilient and secure IT service that will keep your business running against all odds. A continuity plan will ensure that you have no single points of failure. Servers and networks will fail over to back up systems and your company can carry on without interruption.

Is your data centre located on a flood plain? Total disaster probably, hopefully won’t strike but you need to be prepared in case it does. A disaster recovery plan can get the critical parts of your business back up and running as quickly as possible. So you’ll be able to continue to service your customers and produce your products even if you lose your main data centre.