Solving impossible problems with software

Sometimes unlocking improvements to business performance can be difficult, especially when a seemingly unassailable problem presents itself. We provide software services to allow you to smash through those barriers to improvement. Often this requires more than a little creativity and a lot of technical expertise, which is where our consultants with a passion for technology and eye for business value come in. Whether the help we give is a little or a lot, you can be sure the service we provide will involve working closely with you to ensure the best outcome.

Whether it’s integrating two niche systems together, helping you design something which is built to last, or developing a whole new suite of applications to get the jump on the competition, we have the expertise to help. We have experience supporting, developing and consulting on a vast range of technologies in a broad selection of industries and we will take the time to really, deeply understand your business. So be it web, desktop, mobile or integration we can design and deliver exactly what your business needs in order to continue to grow as it should.

Software services at a glance

Software Development

We have teams who specialise in collaborating to deliver high quality bespoke software to time and on budget.

Software Support

We actively maintain and support our solutions and those created by others, so they can add value long into the future.

Software Consulting

Be it designing reliable enterprise software or giving tailored training on a specific technology we can help.

Dig a little deeper...

Software Development

Unique challenges

Delivering custom software is a real challenge. Uncertainty and the inevitability of change make for a daunting project environment. Using a talented team and proven agile delivery methods our developers deliver resilient, secure software to clients big and small no matter the complexity.

Whether we work in close partnership with your in-house team or provide a completely outsourced solution we can bring project management experience that suits the project and we can adapt to work the way that you work.

Our 25 years of experience and proven track record mean you can be sure that your new mobile or web app, integration project or custom written ship monitoring software will work first time. All of our developers are backed up by the broad experience of the rest of the team too so even if you only have a couple of our people working with you you’ll get access to all 30 brains.

Software Support

Solving problems

Great software needs to work not just today, but tomorrow and for many years into the future. To ensure our clients continue to make the most of their software, we actively support and maintain the solutions we deliver as well as those created by others. If the in-house developer who wrote the tool that controls your robotic arm or CNC machine has moved on then never fear, we can help you out.

We have a dedicated service desk that can be available whenever you need them to be. All of our consultants spend time on the service desk, bringing their own expertise and skills with them, and, if the service desk can’t solve your problem they have instant access to the rest of the team so you’ll never be left hanging.

We understand that your business never stands still, so our team of talented people not only make sure things run smoothly, but can also incorporate change. They can add new features and adapt existing ones so that you can continue to make the most of your software tools.

Software Consulting

See the possibilities

Our software consultants can help you do the things you dream about, they can solve those tricky problems and help you to improve your business through software. A continuous learning environment and diverse client base means that they have a huge breadth and depth of expertise. They can help you design an entirely new architecture or validate an existing one, carry out a full technical audit or provide training for everyone from beginners to those at the cutting edge.

Waterstons firmly believe that knowledge should never be a privilege and our consultants will openly share everything they know with you, no boundaries, so you can achieve your ambitions whether you need more help from us or not. We will never leave you feeling like you’re in the dark.

Our consultants have resurrected old mainframes using esoteric Russian software, rescued projects that are spiralling out of control by training teams in agile methodologies and helped to write the software that runs all the traffic lights in Sydney. If we can’t help you directly then we’ll find people who can and we’ll even manage them through the process for you so you’ll definitely get what you need.

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