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Danielle Southall Headshot
Written byDanielle Southall
Business Consulting, Business Resilience

How do you score your business resilience?

Taking place this week, Business Continuity & Resilience Awareness Week (BCAW+R) provides a platform to educate…

Danielle Southall Headshot
Written byDanielle Southall
Business Consulting, Business Resilience

Resilience in the round; building a unified resilience strategy

In today's unpredictable business environment, the ability to maintain operations and adapt to crises is vital. By investing in robust business continuity planning, fostering a culture of…

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Report Spotlight: Microsoft internal files accidentally exposed to the internet

In this month's cyber report we delved into a recent cyber security risk at Microsoft where an improperly configured server left internal Microsoft data, including passwords, exposed online…

Simon Holroyd
Written bySimon Holroyd
Cyber Resilience

Get Breach Ready - Minimise the impact of a successful cyber attack

The main topic of conversation around cybersecurity often focuses on preventing data breaches, but what we forget is the processes needed to minimise their impact. Even with staff training and…

Chris Anderson
Written byChris Anderson
Data & Analytics, Data Protection and GDPR, Technology Consulting

Immutable backup storage - the last line of defence

We all know that using an air gap within a backup solution to put space between you and cyber criminals is vital, but with discussion around the security – or lack thereof - of data more prevalent…

Stewart Hogg
Written byStewart Hogg
Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001, Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy, Software Delivery & Consultancy

Life’s a breach – saying goodbye to cyberattacks

Life's a Breach was an exciting event we hosted in association with ALARM.

Luke Headshot
Written byLuke Kirby
Bespoke Software, Software Delivery & Consultancy, Software Operations & Support

How DORA capabilities are shaping software delivery

As a bespoke software developer, you really only have one goal: deliver high-quality software that meets the needs, and exceeds the expectations, of your clients

Christopher Grosberg
Written byChristopher Grosberg

Couch to 365 | Gathering Intel

This is part of the Couch to 365 series, developed by Waterstons. If you haven’t already, sign up now for free at