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Bruce Watson Headshot
Written byBruce Watson
Data & Analytics

Do you really understand what you do, and what your data is telling you?

Performance insights and business data gathering is an important part of any organisation, but reports have shown that over a third of data collected is never analysed, meaning leaders could be…

Alex Dicker Headshot
Written byAlex Dicker
Cyber Resilience, Cyber Security Strategy

Three small words...

When it comes to creating a new password for any service or system – whether in your professional or personal life - complexity requirements are becoming increasingly more demanding.

Keira Hall Headshot
Written byKeira Hall

IWD - Keira Hall

Keira is a Senior Technology Consultant within the Technology Solutions team, and was named Insider Media North East’s 2022 Young Digital and Tech Professional of the Year.

Michael Stirrup
Written byMichael Stirrup

IWD - Michael Stirrup

Michael is our CEO.

Julie Swinbank Headshot
Written byJulie Swinbank

IWD - Julie Swinbank

Julie Swinbank is our Higher Education Practice Lead in the Business Consulting team.

Clair Hillier
Written byClair Hillier

IWD - Clair Hillier

Clair Hillier, Head of Digital Delivery Management*.




Andrew Buckingham
Written byAndrew Buckingham

IWD - Andrew Buckingham

Andrew Buckingham is a Senior Software Developer in our Digital & Data team.


IWD - Annabell Frewin-Wood

Annabell Frewin-Wood is a Service Desk Engineer in our Managed Services team.