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Written byCatriona Crowe
Mar 2023

IWD - Catriona Crowe

Catriona Crowe is a Technology Consultant in our Remote Services team.

Lora Barclay
Written byLora Barclay
Mar 2023

IWD - Lora Barclay

Lora Barclay is our Business System Lead and sits in our own internal IT department.

Jagoda Headshot
Mar 2023

IWD - Jagoda Sulikowska

Jagoda Sulikowska is a Software Consultant in our Software Operations & Automation team.

Laura Smith headshot
Written byLaura Smith
Mar 2023

IWD - Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a Software Consultant in the Bespoke Software team.

Sally Waterston
Written bySally Waterston
Mar 2023

IWD - Sally Waterston

Sally Waterston is the co-founder of Waterstons and joint non-exec chair.

Lewis Maddison Headshot
Written byLewis Maddison
Feb 2023

NAW2023 – Lewis Maddison

Lewis joined Waterstons in 2017 as a Technology Consultant while working towards his Level 4 apprenticeship in Network Engineering.

Chloe Hoggarth Headshot
Written byChloe Hoggarth
Feb 2023

NAW2023 – Chloe Hoggarth

As the first apprentice to join Waterstons, Chloe is passionate about the learning and support opportunities available for the whole team.


Oliver Watson headshot
Written byOliver Watson
Feb 2023

NAW2023 – Oliver Watson

After joining us in 2017, Olly has held several roles at Waterstons. From Technology Consultant to Network and Infrastructure Engineer, he is now a Solutions Engineer spending much of his time…