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Jan 2024

Gone phishing

Even cyber attackers have new year's resolutions...

Categories Cyber Security Strategy, Cyber Resilience, Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001

Information Security Consultant

As we start a new year, we can be certain that in the world of information security new methods of cyber attacking will emerge. One of the most common attack methods is phishing; a fraudulent technique designed to trick an individual into revealing sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords or bank details) by impersonating a trusted third-party or collecting information through unethical methods.

It was reported by PhishLabs that the first quarter of 2023 saw more phishing emails than in any other period in history, with 23.6% of emails classified as malicious or ‘do not engage’ It’s likely we’ll see that again in the first quarter of 2024, as phishing attacks continue to soar.

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