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Everyone talks about culture nowadays... and rightly so. By building our team and business on a shared set of values, our clients tell us they can feel the difference. They can see we all care (sometimes too much). They trust the breadth and depth of our knowledge. And they know that every piece of advice is driven by a passion for their organisation; not a profit for ours.

Our values

Our values aren’t just words on a wall, or a section in our website. They’re shared beliefs that are woven into the beating heart of our business. They’re the reason our people love forging a career with Waterstons. And they’re why we’ve grown to become a leading international team, with the person-first ethos of a small family business. Read on to find out what makes us... us.

Our values and culture

People first

Our people and our clients are everything. We strive to be truly inclusive, understanding, and flexible, so that everyone has a voice and feels able to speak up. We respect and welcome people have a life beyond work, which has to be the priority, so balance is key.


We’re stronger together and we always want to work collectively to find the best solutions. We’re committed to diversity; of thought, beliefs, and backgrounds to help us push forwards as one. 


Liberating our people, to make the decisions that are right for them, their team and our clients, so together they can develop, grow and reach their full potential.


We harness true creativity by looking at challenges from different angles and gaining insight into other perspectives to find the best solutions.


Telling the truth is fundamental. Having the courage can be hard, but we know it’s the right thing for our people and our clients, to be up front, honest and supportive. 


Demonstrating trust is at our core. We’re not a top-down organisation and we won’t tell you what to do. We will work with you; to help you find the answers, and we’ll support our clients in this way too.


We will never sacrifice quality or client’s satisfaction in the interest of gain. If we get it wrong, we will fix it and we’ll ensure we learn from our mistakes.

James Alderson

Client Experience Director

"We’re built on a foundation of great people, honesty, trust, and kindness. Our culture is very important to us and we’re passionate about doing what’s right. We’re protective of maintaining that as we grow and evolve, because our culture fuels our creativity and innovation. It’s our way of doing our bit, to help make the world a better place for the future."

Meet James


We’ll always consider creating new opportunities when the right people come along. So take a browse through our vacancies, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make sure you still say hi – you never know what the future holds.

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Your development

This bit’s simple. Your personal development means that we’re developing as a business too. So every career comes with the freedom to learn and progress. There simply aren’t any limits to what you can achieve with Waterstons.

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Your wellbeing

There’s never been so much overlap between your career and your life. And we know that can bring challenges. That’s why we watch out for each other. And it’s why we all benefit from a brilliant wellbeing support package.

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