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ADS | COVID-19 Webinar - Build a Resilient Business

Join ADS for their next COVID-19 business support webinar where we will give our take on Business Resilience and how you can leverage it to survive and thrive in an uncertain world.

Thursday 13 August
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Creating a resilient business is not just about having the right checks and balances in place. It’s about leveraging opportunities to create a sustainably resilient business that looks to the future, whilst getting the basics right to secure your data and assets. Although companies in the aerospace, defence and security sector and wider manufacturing sector have been hit particularly hard by recent events, it’s important to embrace these changes to safeguard against future crises.

Drawing on studies form the Academic community, The British Standards Institute thought leadership on organisational resilience and 25 years of experience of working with companies to implement such measures , we would like to invite you to attend a 45 minute interactive session where Waterstons will talk about some of the businesses who have successfully applied a resilient mind set and the lessons we can learn from their experiences. Throughout the session you will be given access to our free to use resilience tool kit that will help you establish if your business is truly resilient and if your efforts are spread equally across the 4 pillars of resilience- Protect, Adapt, Optimise and Innovate.

The session and supporting toolkit can be used identify blind spots and strike the right balance between protecting your business and your suppliers from threats whilst optimising what you do and innovating to safeguard your future post Covid and stay competitive in a fluctuating marketplace.

Agenda * What does resilience mean (wider than just protect) * How resilience can be used to provide a competitive advantage * Potential incentives to innovate and optimise post covid * Future proofing the business * A tool kit to take away that can help you reduce blind spots

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