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Create a Resilient Business

Innovation is the best form of defence

Tuesday 27 October

Many businesses make plans for cyber attacks, supply chain disruption and disaster scenarios. But a truly resilient business is one that can innovate quickly to capitalise on new opportunities to achieve future success. The key is to define what’s important by standing in the shoes of the customer and then focusing on 4 critical domains, central to establishing a culture of business resilience.

In this webinar Stew Hogg provide an overview of how organisations can embark on a resilience journey where innovation is often the key to success in uncertain times in order to survive and prospect in the face of uncertainty. Stew will also provide an overview how we can apply the lessons learned from the pandemic in order to build resilient businesses that will stand the tests of time.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What is ‘Business Resilience’ and how can it provide value?
  • What critical steps should your organisation be taking to be truly resilient?
  • How do organisations start their resilience journey?

This webinar will include interactive elements where you’re able to map out your business’ maturity level, using a model created by BSI and tailored by Waterstons resilience experts, enabling you to focus on the areas which will add the most value to your organisation.

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