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Digital Manufacturing: Securing your data

The concepts of Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing present manufacturers with great opportunities. However how do these technologies have to change your perceptions of cyber security?

Tuesday 25 June

Manufacturers around the world are starting to focus on Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing.

These concepts undoubtedly present manufacturers with a great opportunity to improve performance and maximise revenues. However, the digital technologies at the heart of these concepts also increase the potential cyber risk to manufacturers.

As more relevant data is collected, transferred, stored, analysed and communicated across the business and supply chain, and as the use of technologies such as cloud computing, sensors, IoT, and machine to machine communications increases, manufacturers have to think differently about protecting critical business data and assets.

At this breakfast event, we will discuss the increased risk and opportunity that arises from Digital Manufacturing, run an interactive Lego based simulation that will highlight the key risks and mitigations, and discuss a few simple steps you can take to get you on the road to being cyber secure.

Where to find us

The Studio, 8th Floor, 67 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 6AE

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