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Dynamo Construction Innovation Day

An ultra-collaborative event aimed at tackling real world challenges in the Construction industry.

Monday 27 January
  • Monday 27th January, 9.00am-5.30pm
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We’re delighted to announce the return of Digital Construction Innovation Day. Dynamo, in partnership with Waterstons and Northumbria University, will host the second ultra-collaborative event aimed at tackling real world challenges in the Construction industry. Four themes will shape the day; data, cross-industry innovation, skills and procuring for value.

We’re inviting participants from all sectors, disciplines, organisations and backgrounds (not just construction) to join forces, pool ideas and develop creative solutions to industry wide construction problems, to benefit us all. The Innovation Day is a great opportunity to meet new people, develop your own skills and expand your professional network through collaboration with SME’s, Universities and other organisations.


Cross-industry innovation - what can Construction learn from other sectors?

Waste, quality and skills shortages are not just challenges in construction. In this session we bring in other disciplines - distribution, supply chain and manufacturing - to examine how they tackle these issues, understand what can be transferred into construction, and challenge accepted ways of working. We want to gain insight into how practice in other sectors can help build a more resilient and productive construction sector.

Skills - how can we enable organisations to build the right skills so that digital strategies can be effective - and transformative?

The definition of a digital strategy is a broad topic and can mean different things to different organisations. This challenge aims to identify the current digital status of a company and link this to the skills required to develop and progress in a challenging digital environment. The outcome of this challenge could be a process, a tool or a service, or all three to address the skills issue.

Data - democratising building data

How might occupants and residents of buildings make better use of their building's data to improve their environment & personal outcomes, while simplifying engaging with building managers / operators / landlords? Procuring for value - what is value? How do we genuinely look beyond cost and towards outcome? Many of us feel that a construction sector driven by lowest cost is immensely damaging, and represents a missed opportunity with every £ we invest. But if clients want to do something different, what options do they have? And to what extent is this habit and culture, or is it a case of not having the tools? But if the answer is procurement based on value, outcome and whole life cost, how do we implement this and what are the tools and next steps?

Let’s showcase our abundance of talent and cement our region’s reputation as leaders in digital construction. If you’re passionate about solving problems, building new relationships and want to help drive innovation through collaboration, please come along.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please advise of any special dietary requirements.

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