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LCCI Webinar | Cyber Resilience - Defining your cyber security strategy

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Wednesday 16 September
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To put it mildly, 2020 has been a turbulent year. Aside from the few sectors COVID19 has benefitted, most businesses have had their resilience thoroughly tested. While dealing with the impact of a global lockdown, cyber criminals have had a burst of innovation and have been ruthless in seizing these opportunities.

More remote workers have provided a larger attack surface for the criminals pursuing organisations and individuals. Even businesses dedicated to battling the pandemic have been targeted, sometimes because of their valuable research they have created.

The global recession has made a number of skilled IT workers redundant. Globally, millions have lost their jobs. Desperation can turn these people to crime and with these skills what other crime is as accessible, profitable and easy to commit as cybercrime? It would help explain that in March visits to hacking websites and forums grew by 66%.

It is no surprise that 80% of firms have seen an increase in attacks.

This webinar, led by Stewart Hogg, Head of Information Security, and Kieran Fowler, Senior Information Security Consultant at Waterstons, will help you identify where your blind spots are and help you strike the right balance between protecting your business whilst optimising what you do and innovating to safeguard your future and stay relevant in a fluctuating marketplace.

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