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Newforma – setting yourself up for success

Newforma looks after your project management needs, but are you giving it the attention it deserves?

Tuesday 19 March

Whether you’re fully embedded, or just getting to know Newforma, join Joe North, Senior Technology Consultant at Waterstons and Alastair Clarke, James Cooke and Rob Stephen of Newforma as they demonstrate how this pivotal tool should best serve your practice and fit within your strategy.

Together they’ll cover how to minimise disruption to business when upgrading and tailoring your configurations; integration with key systems; and Newforma’s potential to inform your practice on its performance through business information tools and dashboards.

We’ll also be talking about the Newforma roadmap for 2019 and beyond, reviewing new functionality and capability both with the on-premise and cloud versions of the product.

Where to find us

Waterstons Limited

20 Little Britain

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