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The secrets of a resilient business – 5 things that you need to do right now

When the only certainty is uncertainty a different approach is required

Thursday 26 November

When the unexpected happens it’s human nature to batten down the hatches and try to weather the storm. A recent survey* revealed that only 10% of business leaders planned to invest more in innovation to kick start growth despite knowing such investment fuelled growth over the last year. But when the only certainty is uncertainty, businesses must embrace change and risk in order to grow and succeed.

A business that can innovate and adapt quickly to capitalise on new opportunities, anticipate and understand customer demand, diversify products and services, and use technology to enable new ways of delivering what clients need will ultimately be the one that thrives.

This webinar will include a practical session where you’re able to map out your resilience maturity level, using a model created by BSI and tailored by our resilience experts, enabling you to focus on the areas which will add the most value to your organisation.

*Survey from Rainmakers, carried out by YouGov May 2020

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