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Managed Services

Apr 2024

Implementing processes that deliver results

Enva is a leading provider of recycling and resource recovery solutions, managing hazardous and non-hazardous materials, hydrocarbons and general waste recycling. Recovering a broad range of waste materials for re-use in manufacturing and energy conversion, sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do. 

Associate Director - Technical & Support Services


When Enva’s parent company was bought by Exponent private equity in 2018, we were brought in to conduct due diligence on the IT service, which ultimately resulted in us providing a suite of services from across our offering.  

What we do  

Since the beginning, we have worked with Enva to support the highly skilled but lean internal team by filling any gaps in knowledge and skill. Over time, this has expanded to provide a range of services including: 

  • Service desk management  

  • Technical support and escalation  

  • Full infrastructure management  

  • Security operations centre (SOC) 

  • Security manager as a service (SMaaS) 

  • Project work and management through tech solutions  

  • Infrastructure architecture and design 

  • Automation  

  • Freshservice implementation  

  • Legacy software support  

Waterstons has also become a literal extension of the Enva IT team, with seven of its members of now working full time within our managed services department. Dan Bloor, Group IT Director at Enva explains why this is so important: “Our in-house team is small but mighty. Placing members of our team within Waterstons full time enables significant development opportunities for both the individuals and us as a business due to the scale and specialism of Waterstons."

“Their knowledge of Enva and the project work, coupled with the expertise gained from being around specialists in a variety of technological areas, means that our people are learning new skills, understanding and delivering best practice, and implementing new services and ideas such as automation.”  


The results  

We have been in a position to support the development of Enva’s IT management from day one, bringing five individual brands and processes together to form one streamlined process.  

By building from the ground up, we’ve worked collaboratively to create what Enva wanted to deliver and implement the processes and systems needed to succeed.  

Substantial savings have been achieved due to restructuring onsite and outsourced resources; as we have teams ‘on the ground’ at sites all over the UK, Enva is confident that the support is available at any of its nationwide sites quickly – reducing downtime, travel cost and carbon emissions.  


Through centralising services, automating systems, and effectively managing people, the work we have done has produced significant efficiencies for Enva from time saving in implementation and requests, to enabling leaner process management.  


What the client said 

“The people at Waterstons are the reason we’ve been able to deliver so much process change and success to our team.  

“From technical expertise to personal relationship and account management, we are continually impressed by the team thinking about new ways of working and creating efficiencies across our business. 

“For example, the implementation of Freshservice for query management was something we wouldn’t do without Waterstons, but it has made a huge difference within our teams. The feedback received is that it’s not only easy to use but means individuals can find their own solutions through knowledge-based resources, as well as saving time through automated processes that do not rely on an IT team member’s input."

“The relationship we have with Waterstons is founded on a shared ambition and excellent communication. We know that regardless of what ideas we come up with, or support we need, there will always be someone available to talk it through and take the appropriate action."

“Waterstons’ technical expertise has been integral to the success of our partnership and the development of our people. The strength of the relationships we have created means we truly feel they are an integral part of our team and key to our continued success.” 

  • Dan Bloor, Group IT Director at Enva