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Manchester Metropolitan University

Integrating Teams and Timetables to Drive Engagement

With 34,000 students, Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the largest academic institutions in the UK. The University takes pride in its world class student experience so when the…

SectorEducationServiceEnterprise Integration, Digital Mindset, Data & Analytics, Bespoke Software
Evergreen Garden Care

Successful programme management at Evergreen Garden Care

We undertook programme management which needed to agree which systems to keep, where they were located, on what technology, and whether to move, upgrade or replace them.

In 2017, Evergreen…

SectorManufacturingServiceProject Management, Value creation
GIUK Medical

Selecting a system for growth

GI UK Medical was founded in 2019 to provide specialist endoscopic healthcare equipment mainly to the NHS. They also supply a large range of PPE to assist frontline medical staff against the COVID…

SectorDistribution & TransportServiceBusiness Consulting
Royston logo

Navigating an ocean of data at the click of a button

Royston provide monitoring solutions for global shipping. They’ve got a proven record of reliable, innovative, and transformational services. Key amongst these is “enginei” - a comprehensive…

SectorArchitects, Engineering & Construction, Distribution & TransportServiceBespoke Software, Digital Mindset, Data & Analytics