Adam Downie

Executive Technology Consultant

About me

I joined Waterstons in 2009 after completing a degree in Business and Information Technology at Northumbria University. The course included various modules on the usage and application of IT to business and has served me well in my time as a site manager at Waterstons.

During my time at Waterstons I have been predominantly in a site management role, based full time on site for specific clients. I spent almost three years in an outsourced operations manager role at a large multinational engineering company based mainly in London. I have since taken up a site management role for an oil storage company based in London and Teesside.

I have a particular passion for Cisco networking technologies and I have completed multiple projects and certifications involving this technology. My most proud achievement during my time at Waterstons would be the successful migration of a client from one network provider to another. The project was high risk but provided great rewards, which are still being seen to this day.

In my spare time I enjoy watching Newcastle United (mainly when they are winning… which is not often). I am also particularly keen on running and cycling.


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