Ajaib Singh


Having been with Waterstons from pretty much the beginning, the years have flown by and every day is still different; the challenges still take you out of your comfort zone! I suppose no one knows everything, but it still amazes me how much I learn each day.

Looking back I can recall using a business PC for the first time and developing a system using ‘Clipper’ and then ‘FoxPro’, it kept crashing the PC and I kept losing my work. Having spent many years working in a ‘mature mainframe’ and ‘minicomputer’ environment, it was a shock to my system how unsteady the PC environment was; I had gone back years! (Surely it would never take off!)

Technology continues to mature all the time, and by that I mean all aspects, from software solutions (ERP, accounting software, etc.) to infrastructure (servers, virtualisation, networking) and the Web for communication and collaboration. Progression is so fast that no one person can keep up with everything, which is why we have technology specialists at Waterstons.

After 20 years with Waterstons I still enjoy delivering projects. There is a real sense of achievement when you can see the final solution and the value it brings to the client’s business. I then always reflect on why it was so difficult. Many may argue with me, but my view is that people make a project difficult – contending with egos, the politics and making sure you are not stepping on toes – it just makes the whole thing complicated. That being said it just highlights the need to communicate. It is more than helpful when everyone is pulling in the same direction and not following their own personal agenda. I have delivered projects for long enough to realise this is the real world, but just imagine a project without personal agendas!

My experience and knowledge is broad, so I have summarised it into the following expertise: Business Process Reviews, System Selection and ERP Implementations, Bespoke Software Solution Delivery, Project Management, and Programme Management.

On a personal level, I loved playing football (I mean real football, 11-a-side!) for many years until I was 36 and a few years later I briefly tried the over 40’s league. I eventually had to give it up due to my ‘old’ hamstrings. Now I enjoy watching my kids play and trying to give them advice, which they never listen to… because they know best! Sound familiar? I am also the only West Brom fan in the business, so it’s great on a Monday morning when we have beaten one of the local teams. I just smile, but inside I’m jumping up and down!


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