Chloe Hoggarth

Procurement Officer

Before joining Waterstons I studied Business, Economics, Geography and Psychology at sixth form. I thought about what I enjoyed studying at college and rather than studying at University I looked for an apprenticeship that would include things I enjoyed learning about and was delighted to find that Waterstons wanted to recruit an apprentice in ‘Purchasing’. The apprenticeship allows me to learn on the job, surrounded by great people as well as attend college to get the necessary qualifications.

Outside of work I have a passion for music and try my best to attend as many festivals and events that I can. I am a big lover of food and if you ever speak to me there’s a big chance I’ll be speaking about some type of food. I also love going on holiday, however, I am scared of planes and flying! On a weekend I like to spend my time shopping or socialising with my friends. Despite my love of holidays I am a home bird and love spending time with my family.


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