Daniel Harrison

Technology Consultant

Before joining Waterstons

I worked as a technical escalation for about 70 service desk analysts across multiple sites, helping fix anything out of the ordinary that cropped up, and then building knowledge, processes and scripts around these experiences to make things more efficient for the next time. Most of my enjoyment came out of sinking my teeth into a difficult puzzle and putting all the clues and pieces together to bring the problem to a resolution, then finding ways to stop it happening again.

At Waterstons

From the day I arrived, the first thing I noticed was how friendly and supportive the people were; always willing to offer a hand if you need it, or share an interesting life story (and some very amusing ones!). In my first couple of weeks I had already learnt a lot, and the trust you're given as a consultant allows you the creative freedom to implement the most appropriate technical solution for the customers you're dealing with. I have a keen interest in automation, and I'd definitely love to expand into developing more automated and self-service solutions in the future. Seeing the built-in tooling that we have available for scripting gets me excited for the possibilities.

Outside of work

I find cooking very therapeutic, I love experimenting with many different flavours and cooking methods, and learning how to create new dishes. I have a kitchen full of mostly useless kitchen gadgets, but my favourites are an immersion circulator for cooking sous-vide (foolproof perfect steak, yes please) and a pasta maker that I should really use more often, but every time I do, the kitchen ends up covered in flour!


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