Eleni Charalambous

Technology Consultant

Originally from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, I first moved to the UK when I started my degree in IT at the University of Reading and I graduated in July 2019. I grew up surrounded by more cats than people which has (surprisingly) led to me gaining the reputation of being a crazy cat lady with around 15-20 cats back home.

I have now joined Waterstons as a graduate within the Business Consulting team (September 2019). Growing up I always had an interest in computers, but as I got older, I have been wanting to get to know more about the integration of IT and business. This was one of the main reasons Waterstons, and Business Consulting, stood out to me. As much as I can appreciate the evolution of new technologies, what I find most interesting is how they can benefit a business, and how they can then be used in a practical sense to improve business processes in a way that will make people’s everyday lives that bit easier.

I would describe myself as an extroverted introvert; I’m not always the most outgoing person, but I definitely enjoy the people and process aspect of IT. At Waterstons, I hope to develop these skills when managing relationships with clients, so I can identify and solve problems creatively and educate myself even further in up and coming technologies. I love to get involved with things that I may find challenging, as I enjoy continuous learning, even it’s out of my comfort zone!

In my spare time, I love discovering and watching new tv shows and movies - I have a not-so-secret obsession with romcoms. Shamelessly (or shamefully), I’ve watched very few movies that most would consider ‘classics’, since I’d prefer to just watch a really bad but light-hearted chick flick. My favourite movie is Mean Girls; I’ve watched it at least 20 times!


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