Hannah Francis

Senior Bespoke Consultant

Before joining Waterstons I spent 10 years working in Higher Education, mostly at Durham University. One of the great things about University administration is that with a variety of roles on offer it’s easy to move between jobs as your interests develop, consequently I’ve done everything from Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy to Project Management, with a whole lot in between. Most relevant to my role at Waterstons is the three years I spent in Strategic Planning, where my role was heavily focused on developing the University’s business intelligence. With a degree in English Literature, this was by no means an obvious path for my career to go down, but I love working with data and developing tools for its manipulation and presentation. The benefit of doing this kind of work in a department like Strategic Planning is that you get a full understanding of how data can be used to develop strategic thinking and improve decision making. I feel really lucky to be working in Data and Analytics at Waterstons, which gives the opportunity to not only develop technical solutions but to really help deliver strategy and enhance the businesses with whom we work.

Outside of work my main hobby was hiking. I say was, because sadly it’s not a passion my son has developed (at three he can probably be forgiven) and now my walking challenges tend to focus less on ascending mountains and more on how I can encourage him to walk from A to B. Whilst walking might not be high on his agenda, he does love being outdoors, and weekends are often spent exploring the North East and finding new places to eat. My partner and I like to go to the theatre and cinema as often as we can, and when I do get a moment to myself it’s usually spent doing yoga.


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