Harvey Sharp

Senior Technology Consultant

Every industry fascinates me, but I'm a firm believer that a strategically placed and well run IT department will always be at the centre of what makes a successful business. My degree in Mechanical Engineering satisfied my hands-on urge to make and build, but it was understanding the technology that aided that ability to make and build that determined my career path. I loosely stuck with this industry by starting in a 1st line IT support position for an architecture firm and learned a great deal there, about the industry as a whole, but also how much that business relied upon a stable and well performing IT infrastructure to keep and win new customers.

Wanting more of a challenge, and living close to the City of London the lure of the financial services industry proved irresistible. This opened me up to a wide range of different experiences, a highly pressurised demanding role completing both quality and time-sensitive projects, whilst being on the very cutting edge of technology. This experience gave me a new appreciation for what makes IT such a driving force behind dramatic changes in entire sectors, as I was involved in several technology-led projects that had huge tangible benefits to a business's productivity keeping it ahead of some of its competitors that perhaps had not embraced technology as much.

Following all this was my move to Waterstons in 2018. Up until this point, I was mostly part of an internal IT infrastructure team (leading one in my most recent role), and have brought with me all my experience of those different industries, my broad technological experience and I’m looking to work with the rest of the team here to impart that knowledge to hopefully benefit all of Waterstons customers.

If you are still reading this, then you obviously still want to know more about me! I’m a recent dad, so my spare time is spent with my daughter. However if she allows some ‘me’ time, you’ll either find me deep underwater (I am certified to the eye-balls with various SCUBA qualifications), or on the track with my car that I try and convince my wife on a daily basis it IS a practical family car too! There’s more to this old man than meets the eye, but you’ll have to ask me now over a few beers.


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