James Bell

Executive Data Architect

I joined Waterstons in July 2017 after graduating from Durham University with an MEng in Computer Science. Until late 2018 I worked within our Managed Services team as a Problem Manager, in this role I looked to spot trends in ticket data from our service desk and proactively address the root cause. To help spot these trends I developed a tool that allowed us to visualise ticket data and potential problem areas which grew my passion for working with data to answer business questions. I’ve recently moved to our Data & Analytics team to help our clients answer their business questions with data.

The Data & Analytics space is exciting to work in with more companies looking towards their data to help them make more informed decisions. I’m involved in a few different areas; improving readiness and quality of data using data warehouses, making data more accessible with things like live reporting dashboards and even gaining insights into data with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques.

Outside of work I enjoy indoor rock climbing and hiking, particularly in the Northumberland area, with Emmy my golden retriever.


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