James Davidson

Executive Technology Consultant Head of Infrastructure Technology

During my IT degree at Northumbria University I was offered a twelve month placement at a school in Whitley Bay as their only IT presence. I’ll never understand why teachers complain so much. I loved all the holidays and the weeks away on kayaking and climbing trips… the only negative was the kids, they were so noisy! After I graduated in 2008 I quickly found employment in the IT department at a local engineering company and I soon realised that life in the private sector wasn’t quite the same as what I had become used to! Whilst there I learned a lot about VMware and decided to pursue a career in consultancy, specialising in virtualisation technologies. I joined Waterstons in November 2011.

What I’m good at…

I really enjoy being hands-on and deploying the solutions that I’ve architected. Waterstons are different to the average IT consultancy, we don’t have a sales team; my job is to find solutions to customer problems and architect/specify/deploy those solutions. I’ll be there for the initial meeting, it’ll be me that architects the solution, and it’ll be me that deploys the solution onsite with the customer!

This week, I have mostly been…

Architecting our new backup as a service offering. We have datacentre space in Newcastle and London and can offer customers the ability to backup directly to one of our datacentres, either as a primary backup repository or for long term retention of backups. This ties in neatly with our disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering, where we host ‘standby’ VMs in our highly available VMware and Hyper-V clusters. In the event of failure at a customer’s site we can power up the VMs as they were at the last successful replication!

Anything else…

Most people seem shocked when I tell them I ride a motorbike. It’s a toy really and I only use it for weekend trips or if I’ve had a particularly busy week and just need to relax. I’ve never enjoyed looking like a Power Ranger when in my full motorbike gear though!

I play a lot of football and run a fair bit, but quite serious surgery on my ankle in December 2013 has slowed me down a little. I’ll be back to full fitness soon, I hope!

Some say I look a lot like Aaron Paul from the TV show Breaking Bad. If things don’t work out at Waterstons then I might try my luck as a celebrity look-a-like! I’m going bald though, so I might need to give it a try pretty soon before I end up looking more like Friar Tuck from Robin Hood!


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