Jamie Sharpe

Software Consultant

Before joining Waterstons I had a varied work life from working with cars to logistics, but software and technology has always been a passion ever since I booted up Windows 95 on the family computer at the young age of 5. As my passion (and age) grew so did the rate and number of technology advancements; computers are doing more now than ever before. Because of this I naturally wanted to become part of the tech world which led me to study a Computer Science degree at Newcastle University, and furthermore attracted me to Waterstons for my year in industry.

As a member of the Software team at Waterstons I have the opportunity to develop skills and learn new technologies, and more importantly how to apply my new-found knowledge to improve businesses. The role is challenging and you get to experience all aspects of the software development process, from the early stages right up to the final solution and beyond. Everyone working here is exceptionally friendly and helpful and there is never a dull day in the office. In summary, life at Waterstons couldn’t be better.

Outside of Waterstons you’ll most likely find me summer hiking in the Lake District or lost up a Scottish mountain in a wintry blizzard. I also enjoy powerlifting, bodybuilding and more recently callisthenics, so if you’re one of the lucky ones you may spot me doing my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression in the gym!


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