Joanne Adair

Executive Business Consultant

I joined Waterstons in 2013 as part of the Transformation team. I’m not as technically minded as some of my colleagues; I’ve got a degree in Linguistics for a start and, despite having worked in IT for many, many years, I still don’t know one end of a server from the other.

I’m interested in what my clients want to achieve for their business and how technology can help them. I help businesses to understand the gaps between the technology they’ve got and the technology they need to be successful in their sector. I help them to create the business cases they need to justify the proposed changes, and to manage the political challenges that they inevitably face when they try to make changes to the way people work. I also get involved in implementing the technologies I recommend; my role here is to make sure people use the technology in a way which makes a positive difference to their business.

I have worked with many and varied clients since coming to Waterstons – ports, airports, motorway services, architects, manufacturers, housing associations and charities. Before I arrived at Waterstons, I spent nine years working predominantly with local authorities and central government agencies. It’s good to work in such a variety of sectors – whilst they have their idiosyncrasies, there is a lot that they can learn from each other and my role is to facilitate that transfer of knowledge between our clients.

The projects I get involved in are diverse. I’ve created IT strategies; scrutinised capital investment plans; helped clients to define requirements for new systems, and to procure systems thereafter; defined business processes for entire organisations; and trained client teams to do much of the above so that they aren’t dependent on me next time.

When I’m not at work, I love to be on holiday (who doesn’t) – anywhere new and exciting. If I’m not on holiday, I’ll be planning my next one. Or I’ll be on top of a mountain in the Lake District, propelled by the promise of pie, chips and wine at the bottom.


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