Kristian Smith

Senior Software Consultant

I have been working at Waterstons for over five years, having joined in 2013 as a student on placement from Newcastle University. Since joining Waterstons, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life a variety of exciting projects. Some highlights include creating a real-time vessel monitoring and reporting system, a suite of warehouse management systems for a national food distribution company, a self-serve business intelligence and reporting toolkit for a major food producer, a complex pay system for freelancers and an enterprise integration solution. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I get a real thrill from tackling complex and unique problems that require dedication and an unwavering resolve.

One of the best parts about working at Waterstons is the freedom to be novel and creative, and our hack days are a regular opportunity to express this. From creating a way to experience architectural models through virtual reality with simulated sound, to a face and voice recognition door entry system, to attempting to build a remote controlled hovercraft (which sadly fell afoul due to an overabundance of pine), hack days are a lot of fun and something I always look forward to.

Another great thing about working at Waterstons is the closeness with which we work with our customers. Having such diverse clients, spanning multiple sectors and industries, means each day brings the promise of something different. I love to learn all about our clients’ businesses and delivering solutions that meet their needs is something I really relish.

Outside of work, I have a huge passion for music. I like music of all genres as long as I have the opportunity to play it loud; if I know the song well I might even attempt to dance or sing along! I’m also a low-key thrill seeker, enjoying roller coasters, fast cars and rock climbing.


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